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What's all about?

Since young ages, I always loved to explore alternative lifestyles. However, whenever I travelled in other countries, it was always very hard to find something for my taste.
Every touristic places were full of mainstream events and it was not easy to find interesting things to do and explore.
For this reason I ended up with this project: a social space in which I could share what I was learning on the road and give some info about many different subcultures.
My plan was to travel the world, explore these alternative lifestyles and show them through videos and photos, for anyone who has alternative interests than the mainstream ones.


During the first trip I travelled, mainly by land, from Boom Festival (one of the most famous and bigger psytrance festival in the World) in Portugal, until Goa (where the movement was born), in India. In the meantime I stopped in every country in between and I documented subcultures and alternative lifestyles, choosing a different topic in each place I visited.

Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Boom Festival is one of the main psytrance festival in the world. But it’s not just about music.
There are many healing and cultural activities, art everywhere and one of the main topic is the sustainable lifestyle.
But first of all, here you can meet people from all over the world and create connections with many interesting travellers.
It’s not just a festival. It’s an experience that will open your mind and your heart!

It's Your Movie!

David was the first guy I interviewed. We were working in the Museum of Visionary Art and we had an interesting chat.
I wanted to record what he was talking about ant that’s the result.


In festival like these you can really feel what freedom is about.
You’re free to express yourself and to be however you wish.
In this clip Pedro, a nomad artisan, talks about that feeling.
These events are melting pots for many travelers, you can meet again people you met in the most remote places in the world.

The Psychedelic Renaissance

I had the opportunity to meet two girls from the festival organization: Chiara and Karo. We talked about the role of psychedelics in this type of events and in society. We are living a “Psychedelic Renaissence”, where finally is allowed again to study and the sperimentation of these substances.

MOVA (Museum Of Visionary Art)

Being part of the staff of this museum has allowed me to enter a little more in the heart of this crazy art.
Besides the exhibition there were a live painting for the entire week of festival and the Microdose VR, a 360 ° virtual reality software with which you could create and navigate in psychedelic worlds.
This video is an aftermovie/promo for the MOVA!

HIP HOP Movement
Barcelona, Spain

The 2dn step of my journey is about the hip-hop movement in Barcelona, alive like nowhere else.
People from all over the world come to this city to meet amazing artists.

The Hip-Hop Knowledge

In Barcelona we can see a really strong Hip-Hop culture. I had an interesting chat with Artis Fsc, a great local B-boy. In this video he talks about the knowledge behind this subculture.

Hip-Hop Music

The Old School Hip Hop is the roots of the movement. Young people respect it eaven if they listen to new subgenres. In this clip Artis Fsc talk about music in Barcelona.

Toulouse, France

Mix’art Myrys is an artistic hub, a warehouse of workshops and artist residences. It’s organized as a self-managed collective.
In a former storage hall of 4,500 m2, there are 25 workshops, 3 performance halls, shared creation spaces (photo lab, construction space, video creation, etc.). Many practices and techniques come together, promoting emulation, collaborations, peer-to-peer training and multidisciplinarity.


In this 1st clip from Toulouse, FRTK introduce us to the pluridisciplinarity of the Mix’art Myrys


In this 2nd clip from the Mix’art Myrys, FRTK explain us how to join the association and the importance of the “Free and Necessary Partecipation”

Louvain, Belgium

De Bereklauw, aka “Ideas Factory” is a community that has already exists for more than 50 years. People come and go but the owner of the place, Gosse, is always about in his usual busy mode.
As to the community’s organization, there are no strict rules, so everyone is responsible for his/her own actions, with due respect for the others and for the environment. Diversity is considered enriching in itself and, historically, a lot of different people with various backgrounds passed by and helped to make this place what it is today, a very special and unique place.

The Hystory of De Bereklauw

If you want to understand a community you’ve to start from the beginning. In this video Gosse, the owner of the place, talks about the history of one of the oldest community in Belgium: Bereklauw aka “The Ideas Factory”.
So here we go, 50 years in just 4 min.

De Bereklauw People

After seeing the history of this place, let’s get back to the present. What kind of people live or pass by Bereklauw? In this video Gosse, Fatima and Philippe talk about the life in a community.

The Eco Village

Many people dream of this lifestyle. The most common question is: How is possible to live without a “real” job? In this last (and most important, i think) video from Belgium, some people that live in Bereklauw show us the sustainability of the village. We need more community like this in the world!

Utrecht, The Netherlands

In The Netherlands I explored the psychedelic movement.
Giudi tried magic truffles for the first time.
I spent the afternoon with her and Eta as psychedelic peer supporter.

Legal Highs

The first step into the psychedelic movement. Smartshops in The Netherlands are the only ones allowed to sell magic truffles, a subterranean part of the fungus really similar to magic mushrooms. People from all over the world come here and try this mystic experience. But truffles is not the only legal high, in this video Roos from State of Mind smartshop in Utrecht describe us some of the most used substances.

Psychedelic Peer Support

Psychedelics can be a great tool to explore the world and our mind. It’s very important to use them in a proper way. That’s the reason why you should trip, expecially the first time, with a Psychedelic Peer Support (somebody call them Trip Sitter). Someone that knows this world really well can support this amazing journey. In this video Eta talks about that and gives you some suggestions.

Truffles Trip

The first experience with magic truffles is always the most intense. Giudi tried them for the first time and I spent the day with her and Eta, her psychedelic peer support. It was a full immersion in emotions. A rebirth. Psychedelics have the power to change your life point of view. In this video Giudi talks about this wanderful journey.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is probably the most open minded city that you can ever see in Europe.
At the beginning I was thinking to film the Club culture. But you know what? this topic is well known everywhere in the world.
So let’s discover something else, something that’s not under everyone’s eyes: BDSM!


Bondage is part one of the BDSM practices. It’s common to see someone tie a partner but in this video Jay Diviaren show us the self suspension. Berlin is one of the most open mind city in Europe, where you can always express yourself without being judged.


Even if Berlin is the European capital of subcultures it was difficult for me to make these videos, as is forbidden to film in every club and squats. Luckily I met Sergio, he was happy to show me his harem in wich he practice fetish with his slaves. He introduced me to the BDSM movement and then he showed me the KitKat Club, the most famous BDSM party in Berlin.

Warsaw, Poland

Drum’n’Bass is a music style that was born in UK in the 90s. It become really popular in London but, many years later, it’s still an underground style in many countries.


In some countries is mainstream, in some others is really underground. In Poland I explored the Drum and Bass [D’n’B] movement! Which D’n’B subgenres are there? Where is possible to find good parties in Poland? In this video Simon Sayz introduce us to this music style.


Do you love Drum and Bass? in this video Wobler and Marcin tell us which crew you should follow if you’re looking for events in Warsaw and they introduce us to one of the most important electronic music festival in Poland.

Kaunas, Lithuania

In Kaunas, Lithuania, I had the pleasure to live for a week with a ISKCON (The International Society for Krishna Consciousness AKA Hare Krisna) community: Šventykla „Dvaraka“. I didn’t know anything about this culture, it was a pretty good experience. For sure their lifestyle is really different from the common society and I felt was interesting to show their point of view.

Intro Iskcon

What is about the Hare Krishna movement? Anapayini Dasi and Vraja Vihari Das, two members of the Šventykla „Dvaraka“ temple in Kaunas, Lithuania, introduce us to the basics of ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Iskcon People

What kind of people came into the Šventykla „Dvaraka“ temple? Why they approach the Hare Krishna Movement? Let’s explore that aspect through Vraja Vihari Das and Anapayini Dasi words


How Hare Krishna people live? What are their activities? In this last video from Šventykla „Dvaraka“ we’re going to explore the daily routine of this community.

Riga, Latvia

The topic I explored in Latvia is a new lifestyle that is taking hold in recent years: Zero Waste.
More and more people are realizing that a sustainable lifestyle is also possible in the city, trying to minimize waste, recycle and reuse materials. My exploration is mainly based on the food aspect. In the videos I show you how to reduce our environmental impact in this world, now submerged with waste, which is increasingly rebelling.


What’s about the Zero Waste lifestyle? When it stared to became popular? In this first video from Riga, Nadina and Ilze introduce us to the basics of this sustainable way of life. Thanks to Zeroveikals and TURZA


How does a Zero Waste shop works? Nadina and Ilze show us something about their eco-friendly places. This is just a Latvian example but if you quickly search online there are plenty of shops like these in so many Countries. Luckily this trend is quickly growing, more and more people are understanding that save the planet is possible and it starts from us!


Even if there aren’t Zero Waste shops in your city you can start this lifestyle in a common market. There you can find local farmers and all the goods without packaging are usually cheaper and the quality is always better. I went to the Riga Central Market with Nadina and Laura and in this video I show you how is possible to make sustainable shopping.

Moscow, Russia

Have you ever heard about Ecstatic Dance? In Moscow I documented this particular practice between
conscious movement and dance meditation.

Freedom Dance

What’s ecstatic dance about? Where is possible to practice it? Lora and Алексей introduce us to this dance-meditation

Almaty, Kazakhstan

In Almaty I got in touch with many people and the underground scene was not huge but super interesting,
so in these videos we’ll discover different topics:
Tattoos, graphic art, clubbing and snowboarding.


In Almaty I randomly met Blvnt Black at Le Janbyr Bar, a cool place where you can find a lot of really interesting people. In this first short clip from Kazakhstan he shows us the Beatbox!


In this video we’re going to explore the tattoo industry in Almaty. I met S.DVIG from Repas ️ Workshop, an artist that is growing this culture not just for business.

Almaty Events

Lucia moved in Almaty 5 months ago. It was easy to join the underground community. In this video she tell us how to find the right events in the Kazakh capital of culture.


Close to Almaty there is a ski resort: Shymbulak. Many people practice ski and snowboard on slopes and in the snowpark. After 2 years I’ve finally ride the board again!

Kathmandu, Nepal

In Nepal I felt very sick, so I had no time to go around and discover any particular subculture. For this reason I decided to talk about travellers. Well, that’s also a real lifestyle, so in these videos I’ll talk about me
and I’ll show you my point of view on this topic.

Travellers Intro

For many people, travelling is not just vacation but a real lifestyle

Solo Travellers

Why do people choose to travel alone? In this second clip I show you why a solo traveller is actually never alone.

How much do you spend?

In the last video about travellers I answer to the question people ask me the most: “How much do you spend?” More than ever I’m in front of the camera. This video is a journey inside my last year trip.

Goa, India

After a long journey into subcultures and different lifestyles around Europe and Asia I finally reached the last stop
of this long trip, where the Psytrance culture was born: Goa!

Psytrance & Hippie Culture

Franco is for sure one of the best souls I’ve met during my trip. I spent a lot of time with him and we became friends. It’s not so easy to find a 72 yo man open minded like him. It was like hanging out with a peer of mine. It’s so interesting to hear him talking, his life is full of great experiences and love. It was really hard to fit everything he told me in a short video. We started from the Psytrance and then he spoke about his culture and his philosophy. Everyone should learn from people like him. Everyone would need a Franco in their life!