Gianluca Iarlori Pics

Welcome to
My World!

Let’s start from the beginning:

I’m Gianluca, photographer and videographer from Italy.
I was born in a small town in the centre of Italy, I grew up in Napoli and I studied cinematography in Bologna, where I’m (more or less) based since 2008.

When I first bought a camera, I made few experiences as volunteer and soon I became the official photo/videographer and social media manager of many events and festivals. Soon I realized that was my path!
After that I worked as photographer on mountains, for tourists and winter sport events. 
Oh, wait…that’s also my path!
In my late 20s I started travelling around the world, working here and there, exploring subcultures and alternative lifestyles for a personal documentary project.

What the heck,
that’s my path as well!

As you maybe understand
I’ve too many interests.
But all of them have something in common:

My camera is always with me,
I see beauty wherever I go
and I love to catch magic moments.

I cannot really settle down,
as I’m constantly on the move.
I find in every good opportunity
a chance to travel.

For this reason the place where i live
is not that important.
If you propose me an epic shooting
I’ll arrive


Wherever you are!